The Six Challenges of next TDC 2023 are announced!

Calling all innovators!

Exciting news on the horizon ! We’re thrilled to introduce the six challenges of the annual Territory Development Challenge, 2nd edition, a cutting-edge innovation contest co-hosted by Regional Investment Center of Tangier-Tetouan AlHoceima region and our esteemed partners.
– Territorial Animation and Public Spaces Support.
– Blue Economy.
– Sports Industry.
– Green Economy.
– Industry & Logistics.
– Ecotourism.
Each challenge speaks volumes about the innovation needed to attain regional and territorial development, entrepreneurship, and investment attractiveness. From revolutionizing public spaces to fostering sustainable tourism, these challenges embody the change we aspire to achieve.
This is not just a local initiative; it is a global call to action!  We invite challengers worldwide to collaborate and shape the future of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region alongside us.
Join us on this journey by submitting your project idea through our digital call for participation, before February the 29th, 2024. Your innovation could be the key to unlocking progress and prosperity for our region.
Let’s lead the way in innovation together! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your groundbreaking ideas and contribute to the sustainable growth of our region.  Visit the official website of the Territory development challenge contest for more details on how YOU could be part of this incredible journey!

For more information ,click the link below.