Regional Investment Center Launches Multilingual Virtual Platform ‘ManarAlMoustatmir’ to Empower Global Investors and Entrepreneurs

ManarAlMoustatmir: A Multilingual Digital Gateway to Empower Investors and Entrepreneurs in Tangier Tetouan AlHoceima Region

To enhance the multilingual experience for our users and expand our reach to a diverse range of investors and entrepreneurs on a national and international scale, the Regional Investment Center of the Tangier Tetouan AlHoceima region is delighted to announce the launch of “ManarAlMoustatmir,” a digital virtual single window available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Within this platform, you will discover an extensive range of technical support and resources tailored to meet all your needs, with a special focus on the investment incentive simulator provided within the framework of the national InvestmentCharter.

For more information visit our platform at: