Exploring Synergies between Tangier-Tétouan-AlHoceima Region and Kenya

Unlocking Opportunities: Strengthening Bilateral Investments between Tangier-Tétouan-AlHoceima region and Kenya

The regional investment center of Tangier-Tétouan-AlHoceima had the pleasure of participating in an exciting event today. A distinguished delegation from Kenya, organized by the regional chamber of commerce, industry, and services, visited us. The delegation consisted of government officials and representatives from various sectors, with the main purpose of exploring investment opportunities in our region.

During the meeting, we had the opportunity to showcase the region’s impressive infrastructure, special zones, grants, incentives, as well as the comprehensive support and assistance our center provides to investors. The exchange of ideas was fruitful, focusing on potential collaborations in trade, investment, tourism, technology, education, and sustainable development.

We are enthusiastic about the prospects of working together and fostering strong partnerships. The event highlighted the immense potential for growth and mutual benefit.